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Humans helping Humans.

Optimal healing takes place in a space of freedom, unrestricted by fear. In a place where we feel at ease to connect with ourselves, and with others. At Merz/Embody Health and Performance, we do our best to let you know you’re seen, heard, understood, and accepted for who you are, wherever you’re at in your journey.  Safe and free to explore in a judgement free zone, unrushed, where you can best partake in the process of connecting with your body, enabling you to Awaken the (healer/athlete/gardener/dancer/ . . .) within and maximize your fullest potential for health, recovery, and performance.

Our ultimate mission on your behalf is to educate and empower you, so that you may embody your highest potential in health and life.


“Infinite Possibilities.”

How can Merz/Embody help you?

Merz/Embody & The Marsh to Offer Empowering “Healthy Living Seminars” Starting September 2023

Merz/Embody Integrative Health, Performance, and Physical Therapy, with the collaborative support of The Marsh, is pleased to announce the beginning of "Healthy Living Seminars" beginning September 6, 2023. The initial objective is to offer 1 seminar per month, with 3...

Merz Physical Therapy Announces Merger with Embody Health and Performance

Merz Physical Therapy, Inc. announced today that it has merged with Owner Christopher Warden’s coaching/consultation company Embody Health and Performance.  The combined company will operate under the name Merz/Embody Integrative Health, Performance, and Physical...

Merz Physical Therapy Pleased to Announce, “The Marsh is OPEN!”

Message from Christopher Warden, Owner/Director of Merz Physical Therapy at The Marsh The day has arrived:  The Marsh Wellness Center is OPEN! Over the course of the past week, people turned out by the HUNDREDS and breathed more fresh energy into The Marsh.  And this...

Merz Physical Therapy Signs Lease to Remain Open Inside The Marsh

Message from Christopher Warden, Owner/Director of Merz Physical Therapy at The Marsh: Merz Physical Therapy and the City of Minnetonka have finalized a lease agreement, ensuring our continued operation inside The Marsh for the foreseeable future.  As the city...

Merz Physical Therapy Is Open and Operating at The Marsh

MERZ PHYSICAL THERAPY IS REMAINING ON-SITE at The Marsh, providing uninterrupted service to all clients, as of Tuesday, 1/3/2023.

Merz Clinic Location and Current State of Business

To Our Dear, Valued Clients: I hope this message finds you and your families prospering on all levels. As you may have already heard, there is lot going on at The Marsh right now, with the Y of the North announcing yesterday that they will be closing the doors of the...

Truth in Healing.

Truth comes to us in many ways. Being still. Movement. Looking into a mirror. Our body’s response to the things we eat. Our energy levels. Our response to the people around us. Through the eyes of those who care for us. A listening ear. Healing touch. Breath work....

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Welcome. Everything Old is New Again.

Take a Break. Take a Breath. Change Your Life.

Reason 1 of 1 million to appreciate Breath:

This innate, automatic, easy-to-take-for-granted function is also capable of completely changing our life when we simply bring consciousness to it. If ever there was a time to learn about and utilize the power of breath, now is it.

The non-profit organization, BREATHLOGIC INC is hosting a workshop called “Take a Break. Take a Breath. Change your Life.” with Founders Laurie Ellis Young, Nancy Chakrin, and Debra (Debby) Magnuson, M.A., CPCC on Saturday, March 20th at 10am CST. You may register here for this free event: https://lnkd.in/gb8QmUc

Doug Merz Chooses Christopher Warden as Successor to Lead Merz PT, Inc. into the Future

Merz Physical Therapy, Inc. announced today that Christopher Warden, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Integrative Healer has acquired Merz Physical Therapy, Inc.  Christopher was chosen to be Doug’s successor as Director and Owner effective January 1, 2021....

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