Career Opportunities


Do you feel fully appreciated where you currently work?

Are you tired of the growing trend of seeing 12-15 clients per day?

Are you building a life you value, over merely earning a living?

Embody Health and Performance has a caring, driven culture, but we need a larger team to share the wealth!  We are  looking for confident, holistic-minded health professionals wishing to contribute to a team serving a higher purpose.  We provide principle-based care in an integrative out-patient orthopedic setting.  We are strong advocates for our clients: our primary mission is to educate and empower each person coming to us, so they may independently take control of their health and embody their best life. If these words resonate with you, we would love to consider you to be a part of our mission.

Minimum Desired Qualifications/Requirements: 

  • MS or DPT in Physical Therapy from an accredited school with licensure
  • Qualified recent grads strongly considered; 2+ years of experience ideal
  • Strong human connection and communication skills and a desire to honor the unique needs of each client

We stand for:  

  • Team and Higher Purpose.  
  • Providing excellent, old-school customer service. 
  • Family. Work-Life Balance.  (Enjoy generous PTO, 40-hour workweeks and flexible hours.)
  • Self-Employed Mentality (We each care and take responsibility, as if we all own the company.)
  • Caring about the little, ordinary things, as well as the big things.
  • Generosity
  • Earning a great living without regret.
  • Profit Sharing

We are always looking for ways to grow our administrative and healing professional team, whether it be in-house or authentic collaboration across the community.  Whether you’re actively looking or not, we’d love to hear from you, learn about your dreams, and explore the possiblity to create magic together in providing exceptional, heart-centered, health and performance education and care to all who seek it.


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