Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

You wish to put people first.  Your highest vision is to serve humankind.  Any and all earthly rewards are secondary to this vision because you understand that the “earthly rewards” are a product of the service you give – not the other way around.

You value taking care of – and improving – yourself, understanding that giving your best effort to your evolution is what enables you to best serve humanity.

You remain humble in your expertise, recognizing as an “expert” there is little we know about this miracle called “life.”

You understand that the way we live is “medicine” – and this is how you teach.

You put principle before “evidence-based” knowing evidence can be limited in scope at best, and be skewed by human interests.

You view client care as an opportunity to set people free – to educate an empower them, as opposed to making them a fixture of your client roster, relying upon you to be “fixed”.

You embody The Hippocratic Oath and defend patient’s Bill of Rights, respecting individual sovereignty without exception.

You strive to live with compassion and empathy for SELF and others, assuming we’re all human, all growing, all doing our best.

You recognize there is always room for growth – and that’s ok! – actually “expected.”

You recognize that your job/profession, while being an important part of your life expression, is not the only part of life.

You want freedom to express your artistic self – whatever healing “artist” means to you.

You dream of being part of a supportive, integrative team, guided by principles and a soft-structure that supports cohesion, focus . . . and freedom of expression for boundless creation.

If any of this resonates, great!  If you have a willingness to grow into it – also great!

We are always looking for ways to grow our administrative and healing professional team, whether it be in-house or authentic collaboration across the community.  Whether we’re actively hiring or not, we’d love to hear from you, learn about your dreams, and explore the possiblity to create magic together in providing exceptional, heart-centered, health and performance education and care to all who seek it.

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