Christopher Warden

Owner of Embody Health & Performance and Physiocoach

Christopher Warden

Christopher Warden

Owner & Physiocoach

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Embody Health and Performance, originally known as Merz Physical Therapy, underwent a transformation in 2021 when Christopher, a skilled Sports Performance Coach and Doctor of Physical Therapy, assumed ownership. With his extensive 25-year educational background and professional experience, Christopher is motivated to empower others by helping them improve their health and reach new heights in performance.

With a diverse educational background and a wide range of certifications, Christopher has established himself as a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Biomedical Science, a Master’s degree in Applied Sports Psychology, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. In addition to his academic achievements, Christopher has obtained numerous certifications across a spectrum of topics including movement arts, pain science, acute injury rehab, 3-dimensional gait analysis, traditional nutrition practices, and spirituality and healing. Throughout his career, he has worked with individuals from all walks of life, both locally and internationally. Christopher’s expertise has been sought after by A-list celebrities and elite athletes during his successful tenure in New York City. He later relocated to Morocco, after being asked to serve as the personal coach to a member of the Moroccan Royal family. For the next seven and a half years he held this role along with serving as the head strength and conditioning coach for the Moroccan National Professional and Amateur Golf Teams.

Christopher is renowned for his unique ability to uncover the connections between complex injuries and ailments. Through a holistic approach that combines movement, touch, breath work, and mindset, he empowers his clients to achieve their goals. Christopher firmly believes that true healing begins with self-awareness, and he sees himself as a mirror, guiding others on their journey towards awakening and self-healing. His sessions are known for delving deep into the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical realms, as he understands that addressing all aspects of life is crucial for overall well-being and the healing process.

When he’s not championing his clients, Christopher enjoys indulging in lengthy dinners with friends and traveling internationally. In addition, he dedicates time to caring for his homestead, backing his children’s pursuits, going on leisurely strolls with his wife and lively dogs, and delving further into his personal training to better embody the values he imparts.

What it’s Like to Work With Christopher

“Christopher has been an extraordinary addition to my life. I look forward to my sessions with him and actually laugh and have fun while he motivates me to transform my health. Don’t misunderstand me…he works my ass off. He demands and challenges me to understand my body’s movement and function. His philosophy and his vision of what a healthy body should be is fed by his passion for his professionalism and his sensitivity that stress and a persons emotional state contributes to the ongoing success of turning your health around. He doesn’t talk about health conditions or excess weight as limiting conditions. He focuses on what I CAN do, strengthening me from the inside out. At the start of every session, he looks at you straight in the eye and asks, “How are you today?” If you lie or you try to mask your true feelings he somehow knows your not revealing your emotional state and all of a sudden he has you verbalizing what is bothering you and before you know it you are feeling better that you shared it. Honestly I don’t know how he does it but on those tough days that’s when he get the best work out of me. Christopher is a true healer.” 

Elsie S.