Merz Physical Therapy, Inc. announced today that it has merged with Owner Christopher Warden’s coaching/consultation company Embody Health and Performance.  The combined company will operate under the name Merz/Embody Integrative Health, Performance, and Physical Therapy.

Services will continue at the clinic as they always have, with the added dimension of  health, performance, and rehabilitation services for clientele who seek more than the current conventional standard of therapy/healthcare intervention. The Merz/Embody consultation approach is a collaborative partnership where clients and practitioners work as a team.  Movement is a significant component used to help clients better connect with themselves, while also examining and incorporating lifestyle and mindset as they impact overall wellbeing.

Christopher Warden describes, “Our client’s healing journey is based on fundamental principles that support optimal health and living.  Clients are welcome to request as much support as they feel is necessary, but the Merz/Embody objective is to educate and empower clients so they may independently take control of their health and embody their best life. We are dedicated to delivering all that’s needed to thrive, including the reminder that, “you have infinite power within you to change your health and life for the better on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Merz/Embody will continue offering services from its primary location inside The Marsh Wellness Center at 15000 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55345.  Care delivery is available both in-person and virtually. For additional information you may contact Merz/Embody at 952.935.4037, or via the company website