Message from Christopher Warden, Owner/Director of Merz Physical Therapy at The Marsh:

May this message find you doing well as we begin 2023!  We have an exciting update, with hopes for more positive news in the coming weeks as it pertains to Preserving The Marsh.   

Current updates:

  • MERZ PHYSICAL THERAPY IS REMAINING ON-SITE at The Marsh, providing uninterrupted service to all clients, as of Tuesday, 1/3/2023.
  • When the new owner of The Marsh is revealed, we will provide further updates as they pertain to preservation and revitalization of the premises at-large. 

Logistics for Visiting Merz PT:

  • The Marsh gym and pool facilities are closed.  All therapy is being conducted inside the Merz Physical Therapy clinic space.
  • Access is through either the backside clinic door on the north side of the building, or through the maintenance door entrance on the south side.  Auxiliary numbers are posted to contact your therapists when you arrive so that you may be let into the clinic.

We continue to be uplifted by your support, and are deeply grateful.  Your various actions since October are a big reason why we’ve been able to remain on-site, practicing without interruption at The Marsh as we begin 2023.   Thank you for your continued support as we aspire to serve you with excellence on your health/life journey here at Merz Physical Therapy at The Marsh. 

 Wishing you All the Best, 


Christopher Warden, PT, DPT, MA, CSCS