Message from Christopher Warden, Owner/Director of Merz Physical Therapy at The Marsh:

Merz Physical Therapy and the City of Minnetonka have finalized a lease agreement, ensuring our continued operation inside The Marsh for the foreseeable future.  As the city mentioned in its release a few weeks ago, their desire is to open the The Marsh sometime in April, with the gym and pool facilities as their initial priorities.

Details of membership have not yet been formally presented, but indications are that membership will be available to individuals throughout the Twin Cities, not solely residents of Minnetonka.  We encourage you to follow the city’s website for updates (

For those of you seeking holistic services offered by Merz physical therapy, please give us a call or send us an email ( to schedule a visit!  If calling, please be sure to call the clinic directly at 952.935.4037 as the phone lines to The Marsh front desk remain out of service.  We appreciate the opportunity to support the healing journey of you, family, and friends when in need.  Please spread the word to others who may be need of our therapy services while working through this winter’s final gasps!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

All the best,


Christopher Warden

Owner/Director Merz Physical Therapy