Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Orthopedic injuries can be caused by repetitive patterns that create consistent stress on the body over time. While there are also single-incidence injuries, most injuries develop gradually and result in pain, inflammation, stiffness, weakness, fatigue, frustration, and limited movement. At Embody Health & Performance, we focus on creating a healing environment within your body to provide immediate pain relief and improve your ability to move through traditional manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. Additionally, we take into account the bigger picture of your movement and lifestyle patterns, which may be the underlying cause of your condition. This holistic approach not only promotes efficient healing but also builds resilience and adaptability to reduce the risk of future injuries.

We understand that each individual is unique, with specific needs and demands, and we strive to provide therapy that is tailored to your real-life circumstances. You can trust that at Embody Health & Performance, we will do our utmost to support your specific needs and facilitate maximum healing.

Clinic Rooms

When not providing prevention and wellness care, the most common type of rehabilitation we offer includes:

Post-Op Rehab

Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

We treat all orthopedic surgeries. We work closely with your surgeon to ensure the best possible outcomes and full return to function. Treatment often begins before the scheduled operation in order to pre-habilitate the injury. This ensures maximum range of motion and strength going into surgery in order to maximize outcomes after.

Non-surgical Injury Rehabilitation

There are many injuries that do not require surgery and can be treated with physical therapy. When you come to Embody Health & Performance for your initial evaluation, you will be given a complete working diagnosis and we will identify the faulty biomechanics surrounding the issue. The treatment plan created will incorporate strategies and techniques to correct the biomechanical faults.

Sports Rehab

When working with athletes of all ages and levels, we effectively apply our knowledge of evidence-based Physical Therapy practice and 3-dimensional functional movement to rehab the sports injury; and in the rehab process, we strive to prevent the occurrence of future injuries. We do not practice cookie cutter PT. We incorporate sport-specific movements into your therapeutic exercise to best prepare the neuromuscular system for return to sport.

Therapy with Embody Health & Performance Can Happen Anywhere!

Embody Virtual Physical Therapy

Virtual Physical Therapy

Do you prefer to work with us from the comfort of your home? Are you traveling but want to continue building success? We will support you!

Therapy Pool

Pool Therapy

Begin your rehab sooner than you can with land-based therapy, in our therapy pool.

Concierge PhysioCoach

Concierge Physiocoaching

Whether on the golf course, backstage, the sidelines, your beach getaway, or a conference room, we can come to you. We know your growth never stops and we are here to guide and support you along the way.

I can’t say enough about the care that I received at Embody. Each therapist has their own treatment approach and all of them helped me understand my body’s relationship to my injury and how to properly train my way to healing. Highly recommend!

Joy P.

If you are not injured, you can still work with a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Embody Health & Performance! There is no movement expert who can better manage your ongoing wellness and fitness program.