Improve Your Wellbeing With Qigong

Cultivate a vital life with qigong. Learn this simple wellness exercise to wake up your body’s own internal healing resources. It’s deeply relaxing, fun and strengthens your body and mind. Maximize your body’s function by cultivating energy with specific exercises that stimulate your organ systems. Qigong stretches and strengthens muscles, increases deep breathing and circulation, lymphatic and immune responses and results in a relaxed state of mind. It clears mind-body systems in a coordinated way to maximize health and decrease stress by engaging the Relaxation Response to enable healing. Enjoy this internal process with external movements that both calm and energize.

Both classes and workshops are offered, as are “train the trainer” consultation. Learn about the proven benefits of bringing these healing services to your organization.

Qigong 2

The Benefits of Qigong

  • Relieves anxiety and stress, fatigue and headaches

  • Increases clarity and sense of calm

  • Improves cognitive capacity and retention

  • Increases balance, coordination and flexibility

  • Revitalizes the body’s muscles, tendons, joints and improves cardiovascular fitness and blood pressure

  • Supports all body organs: lung, liver, kidney, digestive track, spleen, etc.

  • Relieves chronic pain, menstrual cycles, addiction

  • Sharpens focus, build resilience

  • Helps ease disease like Fibromyalgia

  • Improves sleep quality