As we head into fall, the number of days we Minnesotans have of snow-free ground are fleeting. That’s why it’s vital to make the most of our grassy yards, parks and beaches, kick off our shoes and go earthing!

Our planet is like a giant battery, with a subtle electrical charge that when our bare feet, hands, or body make direct contact with the surface of the Earth via earthing, or grounding, as it’s also called, the electrical conductivity between us and the earth elicits remarkable physiological effects that enhance our health and wellness.

Research has shown that daily earthing for as little as 15 minutes a day, may reduce inflammation and pain, boost immunity, speed wound healing, reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and contribute to an overall sense of feeling centered and balanced. Once you begin to feel these effects, you’ll want earthing to become part of your daily practice.

Never to fear, when the snow begins to fall, go indoors! Grounding mats can bring the Earth’s electrical currents into your home, recreating your walks outside. But until then, enjoy feeling the grass under your feet, the sand between your toes, and a renewed sense of wellbeing.

To learn more about earthing and other ways to return to balanced health, reach out to us at Merz/Embody Health and Performance to see how we may help you.

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