Annual Physical Therapy Wellness Check

You see your primary care physician, optometrist, and dentist for a yearly checkup, so why not a physical therapist, too? During your annual physical therapy wellness check, a physical therapist can help you find your physical imbalances and limitations so that you can help yourself prevent further injury or pain.

Why Should I Have an Annual Wellness Check?

Physical therapists are medically-trained, doctorate level, movement specialists whose job includes preventing, as well as maintaining, restoring, and improving activity and function. Moreover, physical therapists are educated to evaluate the “whole patient,” taking into strong consideration not only singular ailments, but also a person’s general health and subjective health history. Diseases like diabetes, heart and lung disease, and stroke (among others) are strongly associated with risk factors and behaviors related to physical inactivity. This is where physical therapy can play a large role in prevention. An annual physical therapy wellness check allows physical therapists to determine your level of wellbeing, identify any health risks, and develop a collaborative, educational plan to help you actively address your health and wellness needs.

Annual Wellness Check 2
Annual Wellness Check

The Check Typically Includes:

  • A 1 to 1 movement screen guided by a Merz Physical Therapist
  • A comprehensive screening of your musculoskeletal system and review of organ systems

  • An assessment of your vitals and vision

  • Real-time guidance to better optimize your movement and health habits

  • If indicated, setting up a physical therapy plan of care to work specifically toward your wellness goals

  • Any necessary referral recommendations to other healthcare specialists based on the findings of your physical exam

Length of the exam is typically 45-60 minutes, and is a self-pay service offered at a discounted, flat rate of $150.

Whether you are concerned about your current health or are simply looking for guidance, our team at Embody Health and Performance are happy to support you in your journey toward movement and a healthy life. Contact us to schedule your annual physical therapy wellness check today!