Virtual Physical Therapy

Telehealth Physical Therapy Services

Merz/Embody is committed to helping our new and existing patients progress their health and performance – and if we can’t do it in person, we can do it virtually.

If you would like to schedule a Telehealth visit with us, Merz/Embody offers HIPAA compliant telehealth e-visits using Zoom TeleHealth. We can use this platform to provide:

  • Initial Evaluations for Physical Therapy

  • Follow up sessions for Physical Therapy

  • Performance Coaching sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

You may be skeptical of virtual Physical Therapy. But this is where our expertise lies! The therapists at Merz/Embody have a unique skill set in their ability for visual movement analysis. They will take you through movement tests and specific questioning to help get to the bottom of your symptoms…so they can deliver the same expert programming they do in the clinic. They will guide you through your exercises to help make sure you are recruiting the correct muscles and truly progressing towards your goals. It is so important to maintain continuity of care during this time…for your own sake and potentially for the sake of your insurance plan continuing to cover your treatment. When a patient chooses to pause treatment, the insurance payer may interpret this to mean that the patient’s physical therapy is not really medically necessary.

For self pay patients and out of network insurance plans, initial evaluations are 60 minutes long, and the price is $275. Each follow up session will be 30 minutes, with a cost of $150/session.

If you have an insurance plan with which Merz/Embody is an in-network provider, Merz/Embody will bill Physical Therapy e-visits directly to your insurance plan with the appropriate billing codes. Please note that, as always, your insurance provider does not guarantee payment, and any services not covered by the insurance provider will fall to the patient’s financial responsibility.

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