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The opinion we value most: Yours.

Dear Doug and Staff,

My grateful and sincere thanks to each of you for the loving, caring and professional service you extended me during the course of our visit to Merz PT. I am healed of the sciatic issues with which I came and I feel just wonderful!

If word of mouth counts as the best method of advertising, your ears should be burning (in a nice way) for I have recommended you many times. Nothing succeeds like success and I am only too pleased to let friends and acquaintances know of your clinic and the exceptional treatment I received there.


“Amazing insights into injury as well as chronic hip/leg issues. I’m hoping to be better in terms of movement and golf than I was before the injury.”

— Jim

“In addition to the joy The Marsh brings to our lives, we would like to acknowledge Doug Merz and his fine staff for the excellent service and feeling they have for (Marsh) members.”

— Peter & Diane

“You manage to do the impossible: practice ‘slow medicine’ in today’s health care environment. A huge thanks for staying with me, I am all the better for it.”

— Marty

“Without your wonderful care I would still be ‘clumping along.’ All the exercises your devised plus encouraging me to work on balance has made me steady on my feet…You have been my strongest advocate. I can never thank you enough.”

— Deborah

“Your care and attention to John’s many physical needs through the years was always wonderfully done with such love and grace he could not have had better therapists. I thank you for all you have been to us and continue to be.”

— Jan