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What is it like to work with Embody Health & Performance?

“Extremely knowledgeable about the body. Best Physical Therapy I’ve seen. Essential part of my medical team 15+ years. Keeps me mobile.”

Connie C.

“I’ve gone from rarely exercising to completing 3 marathons, injury-free, despite being overweight and “having a bad back and bad knees” when I first met him. Christopher is often quick to say that I have been the one doing the work, but I can assure you, without his support, care, compassion and expertise, I would not be the person I am today.”

Bill F.

“From the first meeting with Christopher I knew I wasn’t just with any therapist. This guy had questions and seemed to care about my self, my body, my mind. My physical performance, and overall health have greatly improved and I owe a lot to Christopher for his continuous teaching and it never feels like a lecture. He makes me curious to learn more and see how all the components of wellbeing meld together.” 

Stacye M.

Our Philosophy

EMBODY Health and Performance  believes you deserve more than the current conventional standard of therapy/healthcare intervention.  Our consultation approach is a collaborative partnership whereby you and your practitioner work as a team.  Movement is a significant component used to help you better connect with yourself, while also examining and incorporating lifestyle and mindset as they impact your overall wellbeing. We will support you in meeting your fullest potential for health, recovery, and performance.

How Our Approach Works


You will take a deep dive into your medical, movement and lifestyle history with your practitioner.


In partnership with your practitioner you’ll develop a customized plan of action.


In a collaborative partnership with your practitioner, they will provide education and support while YOU consistently do the work and successfully take control of your health.  

Your healing journey is based on simple, effective principles that will be successful based on your willingness to change.  


The Best of Embody Health & Performance



At our core, we strive to educate and equip you with the tools to become your own best healer.

Principles of Wellness


Your uniqueness sets you apart, but the core principles that underpin optimal well-being remain constant. These principles serve as our compass in providing the best care to help you flourish.

Collaborative Partnership

Collaborative Partnership

Our goal is to understand your unique journey and collaborate with you to develop a tailored strategy for achieving success.

Empower You


You will explore the endless possibilities for your health and well-being with our guidance, empowering you to confidently take charge of your own journey towards wellness.

Connect the Dots

We Connect the Dots

In a field where many focus on specific areas, we take a holistic approach and are able to see the bigger picture by making connections that others may overlook.

Whole Body Health

Whole Body

You are not just a collection of body parts such as a knee, back, or ankle. We see you as a whole person with hopes, dreams, and needs, and our goal is to help you achieve optimal health and wellness so you can thrive.

Our mission is to educate and empower humans so that they may embody their highest potential in health and life.

Expert Practitioners

Meet Your Support Team

Christopher Warden

Christopher Warden

Owner & Physiocoach

Doug Merz

Doug Merz

Founder of Merz PT & Physical Therapist

Andrew Cardinal

Andrew Cardinal

Physical Therapist

Alexander Bondarenko

Alexander Bondarenko

Physical Therapist

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