Merz Physical Therapy, Inc. announced today that Christopher Warden, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Integrative Healer has acquired Merz Physical Therapy, Inc.  Christopher was chosen to be Doug’s successor as Director and Owner effective January 1, 2021.  

Doug Merz will continue to work at the clinic to provide exceptional health care to the Twin Cities community as he has over the past 30 years.  “As I have approached my retirement years, I hoped to find a successor to protect the principles of my practice and build upon the foundation I created.  Christopher has shown himself to be a worthy candidate. Christopher has strong leadership skills and expertise in areas including pain science, movement, traditional nutrition and alternative healing therapies.” 

Dr. Christopher Warden, who earned his Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Minnesota, also holds a Master’s in Applied Sports Psychology. Christopher has over 20 years of global experience “helping others to help themselves heal”.  He spent over seven years as the Personal Coach for a member of the Moroccan Royal Family.  During that same time Christopher was also the head strength and conditioning coach for the Moroccan professional and amateur golf teams.  He has also authored two books and has consulted with high-ranking diplomats and celebrities in several countries. “My main objective is to honor and carry forward Doug’s legacy.  I will build upon his founding principles and vision of integrative health he embodied in collaboration with Ruth Stricker, founder and previous owner of The Marsh.”  

Under Christopher’s leadership, Merz Physical Therapy, Inc. will continue to support the late Ruth Stricker’s philosophies in collaboration with the YMCA of the North.  Last year Ruth Stricker granted stewardship of The Marsh to the YMCA of the North to continue her vision of integrative health.

For additional information you may contact Merz Physical Therapy at 952.935.4037, or through the company website  Further, you may follow their work on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.