As we welcome 2024, many of us make resolutions to better ourselves in the coming year. However, it’s important to consider how often we actually follow through with these changes.

Genuine transformation requires a strong foundation that goes beyond mere intentions. There will be tough days when it’s tempting to give up on our promises, but it’s during these moments that we must remember the deeper reasons behind our resolutions.

Simply saying, “I want to get fit” or “I want to eat healthier” isn’t enough. Instead, focus on wanting to be able to actively engage with your loved ones, like playing with your kids and grandkids or crawling around with your youngest family member. Keeping this greater purpose in mind will motivate you to stay on track even on days when you lack motivation.

So, what intentions will you set this year? And when you do, take the time to discover the higher purpose behind these changes. Happy New Year from Merz/Embody Health and Performance. Please feel free to stop by our clinic if you feel we can support you in achieving your intentions for 2024!

Use your mission and purpose as foundations for unstoppable fulfillment of your intentions.