We commonly hear statements like: “We’re more than just the sum of our parts” and “Everything is connected”, but do we really understand the impact of misalignment within our body? Or even how misalignment in our life is reflected in our body structure?

Join us 10/11/2023 for our upcoming Healthy Living Seminar: “Alignment: Why it Matters” with Doug Merz and Christopher Warden of Merz/Embody Health and Performance. We’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of spine and lower body anatomy, the most common alignment-related conditions we experience, and practical daily actions we can take to improve alignment in our body, and our life.

Alignment: Why it Matters” will begin at 6:30pm in The Dragon Room at The Marsh. Registration can be done by stopping by The Marsh Front Desk, or by calling The Marsh at 952.908.7000.  Alternatively, you can access online registration by the link below.

Healthy Living Seminars are available to members for $15 and non-members for $25. Registration at the door will be $35 if space is still available.

We welcome all members of the community to the healing space that is The Marsh, and we look forward to supporting you on your journey of health!

Merz/Embody Integrative Health, Performance, & Physical Therapy, Healthy Living Seminars

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