Embody Health and Performance is an education company offering medical services promoting health, wellness, and empowerment for clientele who seek more than the current conventional standard of therapy/healthcare intervention.

Merz/Embody Integrative Health, Performance & Physical Therapy announced today that it has changed its name to Embody Health & Performance. Since the consulting and coaching company, Embody, merged with Merz Physical Therapy four years ago, a greater focus has been placed on their principle-based approach for total health and wellness of their clientele. The new name reflects the company’s approach as an education company offering medical services, promoting health, wellness, and empowerment for clientele who seek more than the current conventional standard of therapy and healthcare intervention.

Embody Health and Performance, owned by physiocoach, Christopher Warden, brings physical therapy and coaching together in his “Embody Approach.”  The approach is a collaborative partnership where clients and practitioners work as a team. They highlight movement over passive modalities as a significant component used to help clients better connect with themselves, while also examining and incorporating lifestyle and mindset as they impact overall wellbeing.

Embody Health & Performance will continue offering services from their primary location inside The Marsh at 15000 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55345.  Services include physical therapy, high performance sports coaching, and functional wellness coaching, available both in-person and virtually. 

Christopher Warden states, “Our new name best reflects our mission to educate and empower our clients so they may embody their highest potential in health and life. We have been honored with the opportunity to use the Merz name since January 2021, building upon a practice that has served as a pinnacle of physical therapy excellence in the Twin Cities for the past thirty-plus years. Now we look forward to expanding on that standard of excellent care with greater focus on delivering all that’s needed to thrive, including the reminder that our clients have infinite power within them to change their health and life for the better on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”

For additional information you may contact Embody Health & Performance at 952.935.4037, or via the Embody Health & Performance website, embody-hp.com

Merz/Embody is now Embody Health & Performance