The Embody Approach

Contrary to the traditional Western Medicine approach which commonly treats conditions and body parts in isolation, we contemplate the entirety of your life story to develop a truly personalized plan of action. For example, when treating low back pain, traditional medicine might simply identify what part of the back is damaged or weak and focus simply on improving or strengthening that part of the back. The Embody approach thoroughly evaluates your movement from head-to-toe, while also integrating the mental, emotional and spiritual factors that may be significant to your lower back pain. 

Action Planning

With the information you share, you collaborate with us to create an all-encompassing action plan 


When practiced with purpose and consistency, your action plan will help you meet and exceed the demands of your daily life.

Finding a Balanced State of Wellness

No matter what your goals are, your treatment will be designed to enhance your mobility, strength, and mind-body awareness, helping you restore your body to its full potential. 

Onging Support

Our experienced, caring team of practitioners will be there to assist and motivate you along the way. Our objective is to educate and empower you, giving you the tools to support the ever-present healing process within; guiding you to long-term health and performance.

Our Approach


Your initial appointment begins with a private conversation between you and your practitioner to develop an understanding of the root cause of your condition/injury. Your medical, movement, and lifestyle histories will be discussed, followed by a thorough physical evaluation including a movement assessment and clinical diagnostic tests to determine the best course of action to support you in your healing journey.


In partnership with your practitioner, you will develop a personalized, medically-based program that meets your therapeutic needs. Therapy may include precise biomechanical evaluations, hands-on techniques, aquatic therapy, therapeutic exercise training, and alternative therapies



Once you meet your therapy goals, we encourage continued education and care. Our ultimate intention is to support you in discovering your healer within, so that you may forever support your body in leaning into health and well-being. Our physical therapists may recommend continuing on with your therapist for maintenance and/or prevention, to maintain your new state of wellness.

Take the First Step

If you have had a problem or pain that no one has been able to figure out, give Embody Health and Performance a try. Let us help you awaken to your weakest links and support in your recovery and growing resiliency.

Everybody cares. We specialize in it.  We specialize in helping you care about YOU.

We are passionate about staying on top of the evolving science that drives our field

  • Our practitioners enthusiastically pursue continuing education to embody and teach the most current and effective interventions in therapy and integrative health
  • Embody Health and Performance holds regular continuing education courses on site for local and international practitioners