Functional Wellness Coaching

Creating a Better Way to do Health

People are often told that conditions or symptoms are “all in their head” yet there has been an all time rise in chronic conditions. As a member of the Curovie Wellness community of practioners, our functional wellness coach believes in creating a better way to do health. We are doing this by solving health challenges in a unique and individualized way. 

Balanced Health
Whole Body Health

Our Approach

Our approach is a collaborative partnership whereby you and our functional wellness coach work as a team. Your initial visit with our coach will be incredibly thorough as you delve into your medical history and everything that has led you to your current state of health. We believe that all aspects of your life effect your health, and that any and all events or emotions you feel called to share are significant. Your symptoms are your body’s response and adaptation to your environment. The quality of your environment is drawn away from optimal when stressors are introduced.

Your Initial Visits

During your initial visit you will also discuss how you envision your healing. Do you want to make the changes slowly or quickly, or somewhere in between? Based on what is discussed and uncovered, our functional wellness coach may start you on some supplements right away to support your primary symptoms, as well as recommend specific labs before you continue working together.

Two weeks after your initial consult there will be a second consult, that is much like the first, but this time you will focus on lifestyle. Everything from your household products, to your sleep habits and stress management will be discussed and considered in relation to your current state of health.

Functional Wellness
Embodying Health

Educate and Empower Your Health

Your visits after the intial consults may include in-depth assements, testing, analysis, and care, as well as nutritional and lifestyle working sessions. You will discover the root causes of your symptoms and learn what steps to take to bring your body back to balanced health. These visits will be tailored to your needs and goals, with an active interplay of communication so that our functional wellness coach may best guide you with recommendations made to fit your life and the results you desire.

Embody Your Health

Once you have learned what changes need to occur to bring your body back to health you will receive continued support and guidance by our functional wellness coach. Every body in unique and finding what works best for you takes time. With our knowledge and your commitment to bettering yourself, you may create a life long emobdiement of health.